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How to dress for the shape of your legs

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One of the great attractions that we women are the legs, and if we learn to make the most of any little thing will be spectacular like us. The truth is that very few women in the world that have perfect legs but when you see what appears, which is that they know exactly how to analyze every detail to make them look like that.
How to dress for the shape of your legs
That is something that happens with many famous actresses in general, thanks to what they wear seem to have legs of scandal and then you see with other garments and has nothing to do. That shows how important the choice of clothing to legs look, And this should be one way or another according to their form, knowing that you know to make the most of. So these notes tips to dress according to the shape of your legs:

– Thick legs: This applies if you have long or short, straight or machined as in all cases will have the greatest disparity with the rest of the body. Used to hide dark or black socks and wear high-heeled shoes for styling. Avoid flat shoes or slippers if you combine it with basic pieces. Nor do you wear clothes that are too short or too wide.

– Thin legs: They usually have a very fine and gives a look of extreme thinness in many cases, so it is best to use light colored socks or alive to balance all body shapes, completely avoiding dark stockings. Do not wear very short dresses because they look even skinnier.

– Short legs: If you wear stockings fine if they are clear and thick dark take them, how important is the type of footwear, high heels should always be exaggerations but also thick and with good form. Do not wear high-waisted pants, dresses very long or very short skirts. If you like the leggings you can take them and do not combine with boots and more visually shorten you. The boots do you put them with any pants.

– Long legs: Normally one who has thus also has thin legs, perhaps the most elegant style legs as they give a very nice to your body. You can get almost anything, whether light or dark stockings and all kinds of shoes, but what you will be better than those with a small heel or are flat. The knee length skirts will be ideal, the very opposite of those that are too short you will not sit very well.

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