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Morning in Berlin: Levi’s Curve ID event with VIP photographer Perou

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Tomorrow we are once again a fashion treats in London: As part of the Levi’s ® Curve ID “Jeans for us” campaign for Autumn / Winter 2011 Levi’s ® cooperates with the internationally successful fashion and celebrity photographer Perou. Under the name “Mirror Mirror Curve … what’s my ID?” Organized Levi’s ® Levi’s ® in Europe Curve Fit ID events and offers women the opportunity to find the perfect pair of jeans.

Special feature: Every woman who buys through a fit Levi’s ® Curve one event ID jeans, gets the chance to be photographed by Perou in her jeans. Perou already celebrities like Katy Perry, Pixie Lott, Sienna Miller had, Helen Mirren, Lily Allen and Justin Timberlake in front of the lens.


WHEN: Saturday, 29.10.2011, 10.00 – 18.00 clock
WHERE: Levi’s ® flagship store, Kurfürstendamm 237, 10719 Berlin
Here’s an interview with Levi’s Perou this:

First How does it feel to work with Levi’s ® in the Mirror Mirror Curve ID event on tour?
I am very happy to be involved in such an exciting project for a global icon brand like Levi’s ®.

Second What advice can you give to women who participate in the Mirror Mirror Curve ID events and have never been photographed by a professional fashion photographer? – Relaxed. Have fun. The more you put into it, the better the result.

Third What is your strongest emotional association with Levi’s ®? – The Levi’s ® 501 and its unique history. In addition, the brand itself, which is constantly evolving and is a leader in its category.

4th What do you think of the Levi’s ® Curve ID jeans?

Pioneering! Curve ID denim jeans have opened for women. I think it’s great to see real women with real curves thanks Curve ID can now find their perfect jeans. Models Model sizes and do not interest me, I shoot a lot better real women.

5th What is your personal favorite jeans from Levi’s ®?

I LOVE my Levi’s ® 505th

6th Tell us a little about you, how did you start photography?

I’m more or less fell into it, but I was committed and it turned out that it is exactly what I do best. After a while I had studied photography and film in London, I landed at the Dazed & Confused Magazine. The rest is history, since 1995 I have been photographing the world.

7th What was your first camera and what have you photographed it?

It was a Pentax P30, so I photographed my white cat in the snow. Her eyes were all you could see in the picture.

8th Where your creative inspiration come from?

Literally EVERYTHING inspires me: movies television, books, news, people and cartoons. I also write down my dreams, I pull them out of many ideas for my shoots.

9th How would you describe your style as a photographer?

My first works were described as “edgy”, so edgy, that the next act as a clean cut. At the moment my work is quite conceptually happens in most of my pictures much more than what is shown in the photo.

10th What was your most memorable photo shoot and why?

A recent shoot for the TV show “Dirty Sexy Things”. I photographed the models as mermaids under the water in 6 m depth. The models had support from divers and oxygen, not me. I spent 5 hours trying to breathe deeply and so long I could stay under water.

11th In what city do you prefer shooter?

I love Tokyo.

12th Is there anyone or anything that / which would you like to photograph?

I’ve never geshooted Madonna, but I do not know if that will ever happen. Actually, I like to take pictures of each. The people who I Shoot, need not be famous, it is enough if they are sympathetic.

13th Tell us something about your role as a director. How can that compare with your work as a photographer?
Morning in Berlin: Levi's Curve ID event with VIP photographer Perou
To make a film or video is very different than shooting. Photography is independent, you can also run it alone. Film and Video need a whole crew and a good collaboration for development. I still think in stills. Many photographers reinvent themselves as new directors, but directors are better writers because they are concerned about the story idea. Photographers, however, are the better camera men.

14th How would you describe your own fashion style?

Swagger. I was glad to take on clothes in which other people do not want to be seen.

15th What is your favorite fashion era – and why?

The here and now, since I like to live in the moment and look into the future. I have nothing against older styles and incorporate clothes with sense and reason, but I have no interest in living in the past.

16th What personal goals do you want to be like a reality? – To be with my own gallery in a position to support my family.
And, are you going? A lot of fun!

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