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Shopping Queen: Styling show with Guido Maria Kretschmer at VOX

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VOX slowly blossomed into a fashion channel, after the perfect model, starting from spring 2012, now comes a new show with styling Designers Guido Maria Kretschmer. It’s called “Shopping Queen” (well who is not the 😉 ). VOX shows off 30.1. daily, Monday through Friday by 15 clock styling, the new documentary by Guido Maria Kretschmer.

Shopping Queen: Styling show with Guido Maria Kretschmer at VOXEvery week, five women can do what they do best of all: shop to your heart’s content. The new styling documentary “Shopping Queen” but it is harder than thought, because the ladies have only one objective: Each of them wants to be at the end of the week “Shopping Queen”.

Guido Maria Kretschmer presents the five ladies at the beginning of the week a theme – cocktail party, red carpet, the first date – and therefore they have to dress up and make themselves up.

Guido Maria Kretschmer: “A motto is definitely the foundation for our weekly task. Precisely this is of course very exciting – to see in a contest to interpret how different women a) a slogan, b) find their way to their look, and c) evaluate and give the look of the other, even if you had the same task. This is exciting! ”

In addition, each woman at day 4 hours and 500 euros. Guido Maria Kretschmer commented on the purchase and sets its special emphasis on how advantageous or disadvantageous and mottoaffin each sampled and purchased garments and the look of the women. ”

I think that’s very important way, because I can judge as well as a designer look a little more objective than a combatant who is bugging me for three days or else the new best Friend was chosen, “said Guido Maria Kretschmer. Your chosen outfit – from shoes to Jewelry, Accessories to the hair and the perfect make-up – every woman needs to be present on the catwalk under the critical gaze of their fellow activists. The outfit is rated on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest score.

The candidate who receives at the end of the week, the best criticism of Guido Maria Kretschmer and the most points from their manure is riders, “Shopping Queen” and receive a win bonus of 1,000 euros. Nice!

“Shopping Queen” expert Guido Maria Kretschmer began his career first as a corporate fashion designer. At the age of 22 he won his first major and basic call and set up his company “Guido Maria Kretschmer Corporate Fashion” with headquarters in Mallorca and in his home town of Muenster. Meanwhile, Guido Maria Kretschmer is the most successful corporate fashion designer in Europe. His clients include TUI AG, Hapag Lloyd Flight, Mont Blanc, Maritim Hotels, German Telekom, Europe and many other MS. Parallel to the corporate fashion Guido Maria Kretschmer works for international opera, theater and film productions.

In 2004, Kretschmer was fulfilled a dream and founded his own fashion label ‘Guido Maria Kretschmer couture “. Some even call him the “German Valentino”. Glamorous dresses made of precious materials – with his trademark, he has already supplied many VIPs, including Alexandra Maria Lara, Martina Gedeck, Jane Seymour, Charlize Theron, Patricia Kaas or Jasmin Tabatabai. Since the summer of 2009 also has the “Guido Maria Kretschmer Store” in Munich opened its shop doors. Well let’s see how the new show will be with him!

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