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Caring for leather shoes

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When we go to buy clothes or shoes not only have to consider what uses are going to give but we have to know what each garment care needs to be able to have ssiempre in perfect condition and make the most of. As far as footwear is concerned, all that is Leather need some special care to always keep a good look because it is a very delicate material, so today I will give some tips on caring for leather shoes:
Caring for leather shoes
– When you buy leather shoes should leave it to dry right out of the store, and that even if they had a drying period from manufacturing need outdoor time for leather fiber is free from odors. Leave them in the shade on a window, patio, terrace or similar. 24 hours is sufficient outdoors but without receiving direct sunlight.

– Before you use will also be adapted to the natural shape of your foot it is not simply choose your size, each shoe has to adapt to the foot of the wearer as well as improve your posture. You can use for that molds like those used by shoemakers and have adjustable needles to be as close as possible to the shape of your foot. Provided they do not keep them to use these molds to the shape of the shoe is always protected.

– For the Cleaning leather shoes you have to dedicate time and patience because you have to be very thorough. You can do it while watching TV to be a pleasant task, and do it by rubbing with a cloth on the leather in a process that is completed three times. On the one hand have to remove dust that may have accumulated, then you’ll have to put a special wax for this material and, finally, shoe polish, which will brighten as well be giving a layer of protection against cuts and bruises .

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