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How to get a boho style

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There infinite styles you can get your clothes, and that is to always known variants are added to and customized to ensure a totally unique style that goes with your personality. There are styles that are ideal for a certain time of year and there are others that you are worth at any time, as I bring you today and it’s a very recurring trend every year, helping you get looks very original.
How to get a boho style
This is the boho style, A style that will look great at any time although it is true that the more it looks is in spring or summer, ideal for those times when you want to go simple but stylish. The items most commonly used to achieve this style is loose clothing, crochet garments and accessories such as slings or flat sandals. Takes note of these tips to get a boho look and what items you use:

– The key is to bet on neutral colors as white and silver accessories with an ethnic style, but always with a touch of color like turquoise or coral.

– T: White will be great if you just any neutral color like beige or similar. They should be loose and neckline and straps both as short sleeves. The important thing is that they are spacious and light with a masculine touch.

– Pants: Also need to be baggy, like those pajamas. The shorts worn jeans and still look great, although if they are suede or other fabric that has a patterned background.

– Vests: One of the essential accessories for the style is reflected perfectly, especially if they have fringes, ethnic prints hanging or some detail like coins.

– Accessories: The ideal is to be aged leather bags and bandoliers or type are Hindu, always cheerful colors and can be fringed or anything else to hang. The belts are also very important and should be fine for pants and dresses and blouses widths for. Borsalinos hats are ideal and you can combine virtually everything.

– Footwear: For the spring-summer I recommend leather sandals with some embellishment such as stones or fringes, while for the fall and winter are the best cowboy boots, although you will be very good in summer because they are one of the trends coming to that time of year.

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